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Develop high-performance, platform-independent business applications.
Future-proof Development Tools
From cross-platform DBL/DIBOL compilers to IDEs, from data interfaces to distributed solution development, the Synergy/DE toolset is constantly evolving so you will be able to keep your applications current and competitive, no matter what technologies the future brings.
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Unmatched Support and Services
Synergex has an expert team available and eager to help you. With a 99% customer satisfaction rating for Developer Support, and countless hours of experience backing our highly-skilled Professional Services consultants, our team is available to help you with your day-to-day needs as well as your long-term objectives. We can help you kick off your next initiative, outline development requirements, or migrate your app to the "latest and greatest."
Global Community
From small and medium-sized companies to Fortune 100 businesses, organizations worldwide are taking advantage of Synergy/DE to build powerful business applications. These Synergy/DE-based applications are being used by organizations in virtually every industry, with systems ranging from just a few users to several thousand, to improve operations and profitability.