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Watch a short video to see what the following Synergy/DE customers had to say about xfODBC.

Customer video testimonials

Jeff Jolley

Hilton Grand Vacations develops, markets and operates a system of brand-name, high-quality vacation ownership resorts in select vacation destinations.

Mark Nolan

MCS Global is a leading provider in the rental equipment software solution market, with more than 4000 users in over 300 locations using their Synergy/DE-based InSitu application. By using xfODBC, they enable their customers to easily access their own data and develop their own management reporting at will.

June Geddie

Software Unlimited is a leading provider of case management software to the criminal justice system. They use xfODBC to provide access to their database from third-party applications. They currently use Crystal Reports via xfODBC to provide sophisticated reporting to their customers.

Steven Parish

BusinessCraft PTY Ltd. provides a fully integrated business management solution for top companies in the Manufacturing, Construction, Distribution and Engineering industries around Australia.

Gary Surma

MDI Achieve, Inc. has provided quality computer solutions to the healthcare industry for over twenty years. By using xfODBC, they and their customers are able to use state-of-the-art tools such as Microsoft Office and Crystal Reports to report on all of their Synergy DBMS data.

Gordon Ireland

ICS Computing Limited is one of the United Kingdom’s leading computer software and services organizations. They use xfServerPlus to expose their application through Web services to the outside world.

Tom Scaff

Jack Henry & Associates, Inc. (NASDAQ:JKHY) is a leading provider of integrated technology solutions for financial institutions throughout the United States. They use xfODBC for client connectivity using ODBC-compliant products such as their Impromptu product, Microsoft SQL Server, and Crystal Reports.

Michelle Benoit

Harland Financial Solutions is a leading provider of accounting software for banks, thrifts, and credit unions. xfODBC enables them to fluidly extract data for third-party software manipulation without requiring custom programming.

Gigi Payne

GP Enterprise Systems, Inc. has been providing software solutions to the real estate and property management industries for over 20 years. They use xfODBC to deliver modern looking reports written with Crystal Reports, custom queries for their clients using Microsoft Excel, and mail merge capabilities for those using Microsoft Word. 


“Because Synergex enables us to adopt emerging technologies, we are able to stay ahead of our competitors and produce quality software on time at a much lower cost.”

Jeff Gill
Gateway Software

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