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In a UI Toolkit input window, how can you apply a background color to each field as it receives focus and remove the color when the field is no longer focused?

a. Put a field arrive and leave method on each field and change the color using I_FLDMOD.
b. Put an IEDTFMT_METHOD and an IDISPLAY_METHOD on each field and return the a_color parameter in each one.
c. Set the color in the Input Processing Rendition.
d. Any of the above

While all three approaches will work, making option (d) the correct answer, there are a number of advantages to using option (c), the Input Processing Rendition.  To use either option (a) or option (b), you would have to specify those methods for every input field.

Prior to Synergy/DE 9.3, however, option (c) was not available on Windows platforms. Version 9.3 gives you the ability to enable it by turning on the D_INPPRCRND state in E_STATE. Furthermore, 9.3 also gives you the option of making the Input Processing Rendition override any field-level renditions by turning on the D_INPRNDOVER state in E_STATE. Thus, you can still have individualized colors for specific fields, but override those colors with the “active field” color when those fields obtain focus, if you so choose.

These options are also available on non-Windows platforms, where D_INPPRCRND is initially enabled but can be turned off. Thus, Synergy/DE 9.3 preserves the behavior of previous versions by default, but provides more options for applying renditions to suit your needs.
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