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What is the result of %char(2764)?


a. the lowercase letter d

b. a black heart character

c. the ASCII character whose value is decimal 204

d. a runtime error


Correct answer: (c)



The %CHAR system-supplied subroutine returns the character that corresponds to the value passed.  The number 2764 is the hex value of the Unicode black heart glyph (b), but %CHAR does not support Unicode.  Instead, %CHAR returns the ASCII character whose value corresponds to the low-order byte of the numeric value passed, as it would be expressed in an integer.  If the value 2764 were in hexadecimal, that would be 64, which is a lowercase letter d (a).  But the argument does not have a ^x() around it, so it is decimal.  That means that the value used will be 2764 modulo 256 (in decimal), which is decimal 204.  Thus, (c) is the correct answer.

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