Synergy/DE 10.1 gives you freedom to achieve.

Synergy/DE’s latest release adds exciting new features to your already-powerful Synergy/DE toolset. With version 10.1, you can develop new capabilities for your applications, and you can be more productive while doing so. You’ll be free to do what it takes to get your job done and to excel at it. And because Synergy/DE supports the latest industry technologies, you have endless opportunities to add value to your solutions. With Synergy/DE 10.1, there are no limits on what you and your applications can achieve.

10.1 Highlights

See the Synergy/DE Features page for more details about these and other 10.1 features.

Multi-user Repository No more waiting to access your Synergy/DE repository—you and your colleagues can now update the same repository concurrently.
Change tracking You can now track the changes made to your Synergy DBMS ISAM files and then save and restore snapshots of your data. Use it to implement database replication, “end-of-period processing” (with no interruption), or any other function that makes use of data snapshots.
Enhancements to HTTP/HTTPS API New client-side API routines make it easier for you to write HTTP/HTTPS code (e.g., you can use strings instead of memory handles) and gives you the ability to interact with REST-based web services.
Support for Windows 8 and Server 2012 Be ready when your users need Windows 8. Includes support for Windows Store application deployment.
Synergy DBMS enhancements New Rev 6 ISAM revision provides many new features to help you manage your Synergy DBMS data; includes new key types and performance improvements.
Synergy .NET enhancements Synergy .NET gives you a path to dramatically advance your applications by giving you access to all the resources available to .NET applications. You can add a new UI, create Synergy .NET class libraries, integrate with C# assemblies, and much more. With Synergy/DE 10.1, Synergy .NET is better than ever with new features like asynchronous processing (for improved performance) and YIELD (which enables methods to return collections “item by item”).
Visual Studio 2012 support Includes support for the latest Visual Studio features, performance improvements, plus support for Windows Store application deployment.
Improvements to the C# to Synergy Code Converter With 10.1 support for more C# constructs, you can make use of even more C# examples when writing new Synergy .NET code, or getting up to speed on developing with Synergy .NET. Also includes a new C# to Synergy solution converter that lets you convert whole solutions.

Where do you want to go?

With the technologies and tools available in Synergy/DE 10.1, now is the perfect time to set a course to advance your applications and your business. And Synergex is ready to assist you.

Explore what Synergy/DE 10.1 has to offer. Talk to us about the possibilities. Get started now!

"We are particularly excited about Version 10 as the snapshot facility provided by change tracking will allow us 24 x 7 operation without having to stop for backups. We are also excited about releasing our first Symphony/Synergy.NET extensions to our product set under V10. Our users were blown away by what can now be achieved."
Gordon Ireland
Equiniti ICS Ltd.
"The beauty of Synergy/DE has been the almost transparent ability to move code up to the latest OS. V10 is a great example of that, and the icing on the cake are the new features and performance enhancements."
Carl Wysocki
Workwise, Inc
"The developer friendliness of Visual Studio in version 10 is impressive. The intellisense is now a truly powerful feature and brings Synergy.NET to the forefront of available .NET Framework languages."
Richard Morris
Synergex Professional Services