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Connectivity Series: Access and manage your data

Connectivity Series provides open access to business data. With xfODBC, users get easy access to Synergy DBMS databases from third-party ODBC-enabled applications. And SQL Connection provides an open gateway from Synergy applications to third-party relational database management systems.
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Jack Henry & Associates, Inc. (NASDAQ: JHKY) is a leading provider of integrated technology solutions for financial institutions throughout the United States. They use xfODBC for client connectivity using ODBC-compliant products such as their Impromptu product, Microsoft SQL Server, and Crystal Reports.

James L BriggsSee what Jack Henry and other Synergy/DE customers have to say about Connectivity Series.

  • Solution: The products and services you need to access your Synergy business data from third-party applications
  • Solution: The products and services you need to leverage RDBMSs, including Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server
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