Sql Connection

SQL Connection is a direct SQL application program interface (API) that enables you to write database-independent, Structured Query Language (SQL)-based applications that access data in a variety of Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMSs).

SQL Connection is a direct SQL application program interface (API) that enables Synergy applications to access relational database management systems (RDBMSs), such as Oracle and SQL Server. SQL Connection enables you to offer the powerful features of relational databases to your users.

SQL Connection includes:
  • A set of functions, based on standard SQL operations, that enable you to write database-independent code to access relational databases
  • Database drivers, which provide the liaison between the databases and your Synergy applications
  • SQL OpenNet, a server program that enables SQL Connection to work in a client/server configuration
Synergy application with SQL Connection diagram
SQL Connection has the following features:

  • Ability to access relational databases, such as Oracle and SQL Server, from Synergy applications
  • Ability to combine, compare, calculate, store, transact, commit, rollback, and perform all other standard SQL functions
  • Conformance with ANSI-standard database communication methods: SQLCA and SQLDA (ANSI 89)
  • Example programs that demonstrate how to use the SQL Connection functions
  • Extensive error reporting and operation logging
  • Optimized data access with features such as the ability to reuse cursors, built-in statement caching, stored procedures, and SQL pre-fetching
  • Database independence—the same Synergy code can access multiple databases
  • Automatic data-type conversion
  • Binding of Synergy Language variables with database variables
  • Ability to open up to seven concurrent database channels, to open multiple databases simultaneously, and/or to open the same database more than once in an application
  • Ability to configure network communication with user name and password encryption, settings to adjust network traffic, read and write time-outs, and communication port number setting
  • Access to local or remote data on Windows, Unix, and OpenVMS systems
SQL Connection supports access to the following database systems:

  • Synergy DBMS
  • Oracle®
  • SQL Server (Microsoft®)
  • Oracle Rdb*
  • Sybase®*
  • Informix®*
  • ODBC-compliant databases*
  • OLE DB-compliant databases*
* Support for these databases may requires assistance from Synergex Professional Services.

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