xfODBC enables Synergy developers to access their Synergy data from popular third-party tools designed specifically for accessing data and generating reports. The high performance of the Synergy DBMS file format can now be paired with the wide-spread popularity of Microsoft Word, Excel, and other third-party data access and reporting tools, such as Crystal Reports and Lotus Notes. xfODBC is an ODBC technology product that opens Synergy DBMS data to any third-party ODBC application, such as Microsoft Office or Crystal Reports. xfODBC enables you to offer powerful Windows-based analysis and reporting for your Synergy data.

A technological standard, ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) enables a wide variety of applications to access various databases by ensuring that both the databases and the applications conform to a standard set of rules for data access. xfODBC includes:

  • xfODBC driver, an optimized database driver that reads the Synergy data files and transfers data between the Synergy database and the third-party applications
  • Database Administrator (DBA), a utility with a graphical user interface that enables you to manage access to your data
  • SQL OpenNet, a server program that enables xfODBC to work in a client/server configuration
ODBC Connectivity diagram
To prepare a Synergy database for access, you will generate a system catalog from your database's repository files by using DBA or dbcreate (a command utility called by DBA). The system catalog provides a “translation” of the Synergy database in a form that enables ODBC access, providing table location information, column information, key information, etc. xfODBC has the following features:

  • Ability to access Synergy databases from ODBC-enabled applications, such as Microsoft Office, Crystal Reports, and Lotus Approach
  • Conformance with industry standards
  • Entry level SQL92 conformance plus extensions
  • Support for the ODBC version 2.5 API (level 1)
  • Quick implementation for developers
  • Easy data access for users
  • Extensive error reporting and operation logging for the different xfODBC layers (including xfODBC driver operations and SQL OpenNet operations)
  • Ability to control access to data through access levels, passwords, and user and password encryption
  • Optimized access with features such as system catalog caching and strategic use keys, tags, and temporary indexes
  • Access to local data on Windows, or remote data on Windows, Unix, and OpenVMS systems.
Featured <i>xf</i>ODBC Testimonial

MDI Achieve, Inc. has provided quality computer solutions to the healthcare industry for over twenty years. By using xfODBC, they and their customers are able to use state-of-the-art tools such as Microsoft Office and Crystal Reports to report on all of their Synergy DBMS data.

Photo of Gary Surma, Synergex customerSee what MDI Achieve, Inc. and other Synergy/DE customers have to say about xfODBC.

xfODBC datasheet
Demonstrate the value of xfODBC to your customers. This demonstration will show your customers several specific business scenarios where they might use Synergy/DE xfODBC with popular third-party reporting tools such as Crystal Reports to save time and better leverage their corporate data.