xfODBC in Action

Customers around the world are using xfODBC to enable powerful Windows-based analysis and reporting capabilities for their Synergy data. A snapshot of those customers is below.

For over 30 years, CareCentric has pioneered proven, market-leading information systems and management consulting services for the home care industry. Their billing, management, and clinical software solutions have helped thousands of home care providers more fully automate their business processes. One of CareCentric's newest products, PharmMed, is a GUI-based application that uses Crystal Reports and xfODBC to generate prescription forms.

A complete Windows-based package for Long Term Care facilities, MDI Achieve, Inc.' ULTRACare product integrates marketing, admissions, billing, and clinical applications for all levels of care. Synergy/DE xfODBC functionality ensures that ULTRACare users can easily create and generate specialized reports using third-party reporting software packages.

The BusinessCraft family of software includes a wide variety of modules that are fully integrated to provide a total financial and management accounting solution for many different industries. BusinessCraft interfaces via xfODBC to reporting applications like Microsoft Access, Excel, and Crystal Reports, allowing end-users to easily run custom reports on job costing and other information like inventory and stock levels. They have also incorporated a customized reports menu system into their standard menu system, allowing users to put their own Crystal reports into the menu and access them just like any other menu entry—all they have to do is place the Crystal ".RPT" files into a directory and that directory tree is displayed in a selection list. In addition, BusinessCraft uses xfODBC to develop Web pages using ADO (active data objects) to access the data using standard SQL query statements. This allows very quick data access, and is also very user-friendly for programmers with little or no experience with Synergy/DE.

ASA Tire Systems develops and provides comprehensive Web-enabled software tools geared to helping tire dealers and retreaders manage all facets of their businesses. A full complement to the TireMax and TirePro reporting functions, xfODBC allows direct access to data from a Windows-based personal computer, enabling users to sort and select information to create customized reports, graphs, and even marketing materials.

MCS introduced the latest in business intelligence software: MCS Business Intelligence Data Cubes. The Cubes enable hire (rental) organizations to effectively identify strengths and weaknesses throughout their entire business operation. Designed specifically with hire business needs in mind, the Cubes are simple to use and easy to build. Deployed through Microsoft Excel, the Cubes can be sliced and diced to look at a variety of different dimensions to measure company productivity and performance. You don’t need specialized knowledge to operate the Cubes; they are designed to automatically extract and distil raw data from MCS’s Synergy/DE-based Insitu application. MCS uses Synergy/DE xfODBC to extract this data into a set of holding files. The Cubes are generated from these files.

Vertical Market Software's wide range of Windows-based application software includes core accounting applications such as Accounts Payable, General Ledger, and Payroll, all seamlessly integrated with Vertical Market applications such as Job Cost, Services Management, and Custom Order Processing. xfODBC capability allows custom, on demand reports to be generated, giving the customer control over his costing, instead of allowing it to control him.

Since 1983, J.S. Software, Inc., has provided custom software applications for the packaged goods retail industry. They successfully migrated their Back Office POS system to Synergy/DE xfODBC, allowing customers to access, capture, and analyze data, and then define their own reports using the front-end applications of their choice.

Featured xfODBC Testimonial

Software Unlimited Corp is a leading provider of case management software to the criminal justice system. They use xfODBC to provide access to their database from third-party applications. They currently use Crystal Reports via xfODBC to provide sophisticated reporting to their customers.

Photo of June Geddie, Synergex customerSee what Software Unlimited and other Synergy/DE customers have to say about xfODBC.

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Access your Synergy business data from third-party applications or access third-party RDBMSs.

Demonstrate the value of xfODBC to your customers. This demonstration will show your customers several specific business scenarios where they might use Synergy/DE xfODBC with popular third-party reporting tools such as Crystal Reports to save time and better leverage their corporate data.