Customer testimonials

“There is nothing we would change about xfODBC. It is so simple to implement—you just run the utility and all of a sudden you have a catalog of your data files. The best part of ODBC is the ad hoc reporting ability our customers have—they can easily create publish-quality reports without involving us. xfODBC has been so well-received by our customers that we are now bundling xfODBC with every product we sell.”

Gary Surma
MDI Achieve, Inc.

“Not only does Synergy/DE xfODBC enable our end users to obtain custom reports, but it also allows us—as the developers—to free up valuable development resources by outsourcing reporting to third-party tools. We really like the freedom that xfODBC gives us as a standard ODBC data source.”

Jeff Jackson
AgTrax Technologies

“xfODBC contributed to our success by helping us evolve to the Web. We are very excited about moving the LADS system onto the Internet. This truly provides our customers with a competitive advantage.”

Dan Huber
LADS Network Solutions, Inc.

Access your Synergy business data from third-party applications or access third-party RDBMSs.

Demonstrate the value of xfODBC to your customers. This demonstration will show your customers several specific business scenarios where they might use Synergy/DE xfODBC with popular third-party reporting tools such as Crystal Reports to save time and better leverage their corporate data.