Printed Manuals

In our continuing efforts to be "green," we provide you the option to order just one printed manual or the entire set of 6,224 pages of documentation.

The available manuals are listed below. Contact your Account Manager to place your order.

Complete Manual Set
Includes all manuals listed below.
Installation Configuration Guide
Includes information on the installation and set-up of Synergy/DE License Manager, xfServer, and Connectivity Series products, as well as information on redistributing Synergy/DE on Windows.
Getting Started with Synergy/DE
Provides a technical overview of Synergy/DE components, including Workbench, Repository, UI Toolkit, Composer, xfServer, and Synergy .NET.
Synergy DBL Language Reference Manual (3 volumes)
Includes routine syntax, statements, and APIs for Synergy Language.
Synergy Tools
Includes information on both the standard Synergy and Synergy .NET compilers, as well as the debugger, Synergy DBMS file management system, general utilities, and error messages.
Environment Variables & System Options
Documents environment variables, initialization settings, and system options for Synergy/DE.
xfNetLink and xfServerPlus User's Guide
Includes information on using xfServerPlus with xfNetLink Synergy, xfNetLink Java and xfNetLink .NET. Provides details on using the component generation tools in Workbench to generate Java and .NET components, as well as how to attribute your code for use with dbl2xml.
UI Toolkit Reference Manual (3 volumes)
Describes the concepts and usage of UI Toolkit, including routine syntax, Script, Proto, window debugger, and customizing information.
Professional Series Portability Guide
Documents the functions, requirements, and processes that are unique to each of the platforms that Synergy/DE runs on, including Synergy .NET.
xfODBC User’s Guide
Explains how to prepare Synergy data for ODBC access and access Synergy data from ODBC-enabled applications.
SQL Connection Reference Manual
Documents SQL Connection, the API that enables Synergy Language applications to use SQL-based functions to access third-party data.
Includes information on setting up and maintaining your repository, as well as details on Repository utilities, Synergy Data Language, and the subroutine library.
Includes a tutorial intended for end-users, as well as a developer's reference with ReportWriter routines and customizing information.