Synergy/DE Application Development Tools

Synergy/DE provides a variety of tools to meet business application developers' needs for technology and productivity, including Synergy DBL—a proven object-oriented DIBOL-based business language with base class libraries; Synergy DBMS—a scalable, system-independent, high-performance ISAM database; and connectivity tools that enable distributed solutions. Seamless Synergy DBL language integration with Visual Studio enables Synergy developers to take full advantage of the Visual Studio ecosystem to develop and extend their feature-rich, enterprise-class, Synergy DBL business applications. And it provides Visual Studio developers not already using Synergy DBL with functionality for developing advanced, .NET business applications.

Download the latest versions of Visual Studio and Synergy/DE:

  1. Get Visual Studio 2013 from Microsoft.

    If you are updating a system on which Synergy/DE is already installed, by downloading the products below, you agree to use the products only with Synergy/DE subscription licenses or Synergy/DE licenses that are current with Annual License Maintenance (ALM).

  2. If you are installing on a 64-bit machine, install 64-bit Synergy/DE (84 MB).

  3. Install 32-bit Synergy/DE (156 MB) (if you're installing on a 32- or 64-bit machine).

  4. Install Synergy Language Integration for Visual Studio (47 MB).

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