Synergy DevPartner Program

Synergy DevPartner is an all-inclusive subscription program that includes the products and services necessary for successful Synergy™ application development. This program gives your developers easy access to all Synergy/DE™ technologies so that they may build and support your Synergy applications, and it gives your company a simple plan with a single annual fee that covers all Synergy/DE products and services.

Developers actively using Synergy/DE products to develop and maintain code, referred to as subscribed developers, have access to all DevPartner benefits. Non-developers, such as trainers and support representatives, also benefit from the company-wide aspects of the program.

The products licensed under Synergy DevPartner may be used for writing and modifying code, conducting demonstrations and training sessions, providing support, and testing software (including stress tests). These products cannot be used in a production environment, even in house. (For production environments, you need deployment licenses; see the Synergy/DE Pricing Guide.) Development licenses are offered only through Synergy DevPartner.

Company-Wide Benefits

  • In-house licenses for testing, support, and training for all Synergy/DE products on all platforms.
  • All Synergy/DE updates and upgrades.
  • Online key generation. This service gives you the ability to generate and download configuration keys 24 hours a day.
  • Product downloads. All versions of Synergy/DE products are available for download at any time.
  • Discounted rates for Synergex Professional Services engagements when services are bundled with your Synergy DevPartner subscription. See the Synergex Professional Services Guide for details.

Benefits for Subscribed Developers
These benefits are available to each subscribed developer.

  • Development licenses for all Synergy/DE products on all platforms. Licenses may also be installed on virtual machines and on developers’ home machines.
  • Developer Support. Includes access to Developer Support engineers and the Synergy/DE Resource Center on the Synergex website. Premier support services are also available.
  • Attendance at the annual Synergex customer conference.
  • Membership on the synergy-l listserv. Synergy-l is an e-mail discussion group for Synergy developers, where participants discuss technical issues, share product knowledge, and ask for help.
  • Professional Services phone consultation. Includes one consultation of up to two hours with a PSG consultant. Additional PSG services are available.
  • Access to beta versions of new Synergy/DE software. Beta testers get a head start on using new features and also have an opportunity to provide input toward the released product.
Contact your account manager for details about the Synergy DevPartner program.