Passport to the Web

Web-enabling your Synergy applications: It's easier than you think!

"There won't be Internet companies and non-Internet companies. A company will either be an Internet company or it won't be a company at all."

William M. Daley
Former U.S. Secretary of Commerce

When will you get your Synergy applications to the Web?

Let Synergex give you a jump-start.

With Synergy/DE technology, you can build Web applications with leading Web development platforms including ASP.NET, Active Server Pages, and Java Server Pages. And within five days, with Synergex's Passport to the Web, you will be well on your way to a Web-enabled application.

What is the Synergy/DE Passport to the Web?

Synergy/DE Passport to the Web is designed specifically to help you get your Synergy applications to the Web. Our unique integration of products and services will help you transform your legacy applications to e-business applications with ease. The Passport to the Web includes the Synergy/DE products and licenses you'll need, as well as customized training from a Synergex consultant, to help you efficiently start your Web project and lay the groundwork for you to successfully complete the job.

How it works:

  • Phase I: Plan.
    A Synergex Professional Services consultant will interview you to help you identify your goals, including the functions in your application you would like to Web-enable. Following the phone call interview, the consultant will send you a detailed report that lists the steps we recommend you take to achieve your goals. Included in this report will be a recommended course of action for the onsite consultant visit and any suggested preparations for you to complete preceding the visit.
  • Phase II: Get trained.
    A Synergex consultant will come to your site for four days. The first day will be spent training your developers on the Synergy/DE Web-enablement tools, xfServerPlus, and xfNetLink. This training will include lecture and product demonstrations.
  • Phase III: Dive in.
    The Synergex consultant will work as part of your team, implementing your predetermined plan and helping your developers work through the required steps. At the end of the four days, your staff will have the knowledge and the skills required to continue and complete the project successfully. To ensure that you are left with an optimal plan going forward, the consultant may update his or her report based on the activities of the week.
  • Phase IV: Follow-up.

    The consultant is available to you after the visit, should you have any follow-up questions. Two additional hours of consultant time will be included in your Passport to Web project.


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“I would recommend Passport to the Web to any Synergy/DE customer who is looking to Web-enable their application. You get to work in your own environment and tailor the education to your own specific requirements. Within a week we had a solution that exceeded our original expectations.”

Michael Hanson
Norman G. Jensen
  • Wondering what's involved in Web-enabling your Synergy application? Here are the basic steps you will complete on your way to the Web.
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