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Forward Computers Limited (Forward), located in Nottingham, United Kingdom, provides management information and e-commerce solutions to the international freight industry. Recently, Forward needed a solution for one of their customers, The Elite Group of Leeds, UK, an international freight agent that manages the import of goods on behalf of many major clothing retailers in the United Kingdom. These retailers, in turn, source the merchandise from a variety of manufacturers around the world. For each purchase order (PO) given to a supplier, the retailer needs to be kept up-to-date on shipping information, expected arrival dates, shipped quantities, customs clearance details, and so forth.

Forward's business requirement was to support a bidirectional electronic interface, allowing retailers and freight agents to update and exchange PO information as each PO moves through the supply chain. Forward made the decision to represent PO data within XML documents, which are physically transferred between systems using File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

Forward decided to use the Synergy XML API routines to generate XML output for this business requirement. "The Synergy XML API routines are extremely useful and easy to use," said Ken Stewart, director at Forward Computers Limited. "With the XML API, we were able to implement an application that does exactly what we want it to, and which more than adequately covers our customer's requirements." With the new application, ForwardVision, The Elite Group can now define and configure specific XML-based electronic interfaces to each of their customer's individual requirements.

Forward previously developed their own XML parser for an earlier project (before the Synergy XML API was available). They now have plans in place to modify their XML parser so they can make use of the new XML API routines to retrieve the data contained in each inbound XML document. Stewart continues, "Once again, we leave it to Synergex to do the difficult work while we reduce our own code commitment—that's just the way we like it!"

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